Schwab transition, duplicate accounts

I went through the Schwab connection transition recently. It went pretty smoothly, but now I have two versions for each of my Schwab investment accounts -- one with over a decade of history and another with placeholders for initial balances and a small number of downloaded transactions since it was created.

Is there a way to merge these accounts? I have to hide the historical accounts to make my net worth accurate so it's inconvenient to access the history; the UI complains about the placeholders; it would be almost impossible to rebuild the cost basis. Should the "reauthorize" operations have merged the accounts in the first place?

Hope this isn't a duplicate question. There are so many Schwab transition threads that I can't read all of them.


  • kimyx
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    After reading more of the other threads, I decided to go back and try again. I restored my latest backup prior to the transition to the new schwab connection (from 11/14 for me).

    I'm using the latest quicken release as of today, R36.45.

    I used the "reauthorize" button and noticed the "link to existing account" option that I apparently missed the first time. For a couple of my schwab accounts this worked fine. For a few more, it didn't show the account I wanted to link to in the dropdown list.

    For these I used advice I read elsewhere on this forum. For each problem account I:

    - clicked Edit Account Details / Online Services then the Deactivate option to remove the previous schwab connection method

    - quit and restarted quicken

    - clicked Tools / Add Account, entered Schwab in the search box, selected "Charles Schwab Bank - Investor C" from the list, and clicked Next

    - went through the login procedure at Schwab for the account I cared about

    - clicked the Link to Account option in quicken and then I was able to select the account I wanted

    After this was done, all of my accounts downloaded transactions from schwab. There were still some issues:

    - stock names apparently changed slightly, I had to accept a bunch of "is this stock the same as this one you already have?" screens, but no surprises there.

    - one of the accounts downloaded a bunch of duplicate transactions that were prior to the last successful downloads in my 11/14 backup. I clicked Edit/Delete to delete each of these duplicate transactions instead of accepting them.

    - I accepted the new transactions that had occurred since my old backup and filled in some missing fields, primarily for inter-account transfers. For one account and equity, I ended up with a discrepancy in the number of shares that I didn't see before and I had to accept a placeholder entry that quicken proposed. I think this may have been due to a schwab error where they did a duplicate dividend reinvestment on 11/16 and then had to undo it.

    Anyway, I seem to be back in business with only a few hours time wasted.
  • nerdindenial
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    I'm curious how much Schwab data you had in order to be able to recover in a few hours.
    I have 3 users, 6 accounts, and over 20,000 transactions - will I be recovering for weeks?
  • kimyx
    kimyx Member
    I have 2 users and 5 investment accounts at schwab, no banking accounts. I don't see a transaction count for my investment accounts, but I'd estimate there are several thousand total. My oldest accounts go back 30 years, although the quicken history now goes back only 3 years due to some previous upgrade.

    I don't think the EWC+ transition corrupts the historical transactions in your file. Assuming your new EWC+ connections work at all, the biggest risk is getting duplicate transaction downloads from prior to the last successful Direct Connect update. For some reason I got maybe 20 duplicate downloads on one account.
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