using Quicken for vacation rentals

Are there any discussions about using it for short term rentals?


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    There may have been the occasional question in the past.
    Personally, I don't think you can use Quicken for the purpose of tracking and billing any kind of short term rentals.
    • There's no calendar function to plan reservation dates for each vacation unit.
    • The Rental Property Management feature is geared solely towards long-term rentals.
    • The business feature of the Home & Business edition is more capable of invoicing for a small number of steady customers' purchases, not a mail order business or a short-term rental with an ever increasing number of customers.
    • Invoices generated by Quicken cannot be customized to hotel or rental - specific needs. There's no "model invoice" where you can create a sample invoice with a fill in the blanks data entry dialog to easily create each new invoice.
    • Long term, as more invoices are recorded, the invoice account register may become unmanageable. There's a Year End Copy feature, but it doesn't manage invoice accounts to split last year's invoices from this year.
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