Citibank CC-502 but works when I create a new file

Hi - I've been using Quicken for years.

One of the things that I started doing is when I get an error with a bank or credit card download, I create a new Quicken file and test it there.

I started getting a CC-502 error with Citibank (I changed my password, but wasn't prompted to update in Quicken, so I deactivated the account). When I tested it in a new, blank file, the connection worked fine so the issue isn't Citi.

Previously, there have been steps to take to fix this - anyone have ideas? I tried validating the file, that didn't work. Thank you.


  • Katie Poteat
    Katie Poteat Member ✭✭
    This is resolved - I deleted some temp files and tried again. I still think it's weird that I get the CC-502 error but it works when I create a new file.
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