Schwab Price Update Not Working

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After all the recent Schwab connection changes and issues, I'm now to the point of being able to connect to Schwab, and receive transaction data on six separate accounts. However, no securities prices (all open-end mutual funds) have been updated since 11-26.

I've been through the multi-step process provided by tech support (more than once) without any success.

Anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here?


  • Step2
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    Since Version R36.45, when I download new transactions from Charles Schwab, the new information that should be displayed at the bottom of the Schwab account page is not there. The box opens up asking me to accept the data but there is no visible data. I have been fixing this either by closing the application and opening it again or running the One Step again. After doing one of these "fixes" the data is then displayed and can be accepted. Does anyone else have this issue?
  • thomps2
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    The one step update summary says there were transactions downloaded but none or shown in the register, I think these are the "New" transactions that were actually duplicate transactions that downloaded when I finally successfully migrated to Schwab's new connection method with Quicken. I do not know how to get rid of these. Hopefully someone in the Quicken Community does know,
  • maeagle
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    same issue here. Closing and reopening causes the transactions to appear.
  • Same problem here as well as with all bank accounts and credit cards which changed to web connect. The only thing working now is Amex as it still uses direct connect.
  • BKD
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    I have been having problems for the last few weeks with downloading transactions for Charles Schwab. I have a problem that has been escalated. (9031906)
  • I have the same issue (MAC). I have to log in each time and the download does not reflect recent transactions. I have the most up to date version of the software.
  • lhaehn
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    I applied all updates to fix the Schwab transition problem. Everything seemed fine. However, no new transactions are being downloaded. I am running Version R37.37, build 27.137.37 on Windows 10.
    One step update begins with Schwab being list but the summary shows a blank screen. See attached series of screen captures.
    Reported several times but no response.
    Manually adding transactions in hope the beleagued support team fixes this P.O.S.
  • lhaehn
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    Posting a more complete series of screen captures show a full One Step Update OSU of my accounts.
    All but last capture shows Schwab participating in the Update.
  • lhaehn
    lhaehn Member ✭✭
    CC-501 still showing. Disabled online services on my Schwab Bank checking account. Removed user and account number. Began the account add process and received the attached screen.
    MICKEYBNY Member ✭✭
    Anybody else having issues downloading with Charles Schwab? I am getting CC-501 error and have tried validating, super validating, updating to current release, shutting off my anti virus and firewall to no avail. Quicken seems to be having a lot of issues these days.
  • jandyk52
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    I have the same problems more or less. Just when you think it is fixed, it ABSOLUTELY is not. I have tried everything to deal with it and feel as if no one is taking this seriously. I dealt with the download of months and years worth of duplicate transactions which I had to delete for the most part and then I get the CC-501 error in my brokerage account. The download process then broke again for my bank account. My Schwab accounts have been re-authenticated dozens of time and my transaction download is only partial and episodic. I have reached the end of my patience.
    MICKEYBNY Member ✭✭
    CC-501 still showing
    MICKEYBNY Member ✭✭
    I finally got it to work and was having the CC-501 error. Make sure any old data files you may have had open in the past and no longer using have the Charles Schwab online deactivated. I had an old file where this wasn't done from a few years ago. After I deactivated on a few old company file, I sailed through the process. Good luck.
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