Auto Insurance - Tax Reporting (Husband & Wife)

We currently pay our auto insurance in monthly installments. I categorize these payments as "Auto Insurance". However, on my auto insurance is tax deductible since I run my own business whereas my spouse is an employee and is not permitted to write off her vehicle expenses.

I'd prefer not to have to create a completely separate category so I initially thought perhaps I could setup the monthly payment as a split transaction and tag one of them so that I would exclude any transactions with that tag in the Tax Report. However, there's no easy way to decipher how much of the auto insurance premium is due to my vehicle and how much due to my wife's since the auto insurance company applies some weird way of calculating the monthly payment.

Any ideas/suggestions on how best to handle this? Should I just change to annual payment? I asked about this during my last renewal and they do not offer any discount for paying annual so it works out to the same amount being paid either way.
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