Schwab migration - it was OK for me

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Just wanted to share my OK experience with the Schwab migration.
Was running with R36.xx and didn't touch Schwab with OSU after 11/16/21 -
Read all the postings, and was waiting for the dust to settle.... notes in hand.
I have two Schwab joint stock accounts - with minimal buy/sell activty - mostly Divs
Then, gathering up nerve - proceeded ... with notes.
1 - Manually downloaded R37.37 - and waited.
2 - Manually de-activated my 2 Schwab accounts - both have linked cash/checking
3 - Re-add Schwab - Add Account
4 - Handle the new Schwab authorization webpage - prompt screen at Schwab website
5 - Fill in the Schwab User/Password - and checkmark the 2 accounts to authorize
6 - Click Link to "link" the Schwab accounts with my existing Quicken accounts - no prob.
7 - Downloads transactions....
I did NOT get any dups or massive historical data,
only a couple of new expected transactions since my frozen date of 11/16/21 -
8 - Reviewed and did - Reconcile Shares - all looks good
BTW - also have Chase, Capital One CC, Fidelity, Vanguard, & TRowe..... all working OK
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  • imdcareys
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    Based on your comment, I dove in. My account values in Quicken don't match Schwab. Not going to try reconciling until tomorrow, but I shouldn't have to :(
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  • Ps56k2
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    imdcareys said: My account values in Quicken don't match Schwab.
    Sorry.... never have figured out why things work just fine for some folks - and not for others -

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  • nerdindenial
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    IMHO we should all reserve judgement whether it's fixed until we verify that all transactions are being downloaded (i.e. Quicken transactions match the Schwab website transaction history). I thought I had it fixed a week ago, but I don't have all the transactions downloaded - no matter how many times I deactivate and reactivate online access.
  • imdcareys
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    Got it reconciled. Wasn't that difficult. So far, so good.
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