Why does changing the sort order change the available results? (Community search)

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I search for a topic in the community, and the default sort order is "most relevant."  I see that I have 4.2k results, and see the first 10 displayed.  I change the sort order to "newest," and I still see that there are 4.2k results, but now NONE are displayed ("No results found").  I change the sort order to "Oldest," and I see 2 displayed results.

My sort order shouldn't impact my search results.  Why does this happen?

Quicken Premier for Windows (subscription, so always the current version)


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    Hi @EmKay,

    You ask a good question. 

    Unfortunately, I've seen the same thing and have wondered why this is happening.  I suspect that it has something to do with the software that Quicken Inc. licenses to run this Community, and that it is more than just changing the settings, but that is just a guess.  

    I've just accepted that they don't work and stopped trying to use the other settings.


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