New Mondo patch works, sort of

R36.48 seems to work for Schwab with a couple of exceptions. The big issue is that for some reason it now does not allow me to upload from Fidelity or T Rowe Price. with one step. The last time this happen, it seemed to correct itself the next day. One other issue is if you have two logins that overlapping account at Schwab, two problems can occur. One, even when the first login says it is linking to an existing account, don't trust it. Click on Link to existing account and manually link. And two, when setting up the second account and the first account has already linked to the Schwab account, select Ignore for that account, or strange things seem to happen, like deactivating that account for both logins.


  • Update on the Sort Of comment. Seems the patch works in getting to the Schwab accounts, completes the connection/disconnect, comes back with this info for all accounts. x transactions downloaded, 0 to review, and what is key, "account updated 12/06/2021 at 8pm" That was two days ago. For info, the account has 9 new transactions since that time that are not downloaded. Support has no clue what the problem is or how to fix it. So goes the saga of bad software management.
  • nerdindenial
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    Same here - it pretends to work but doesn't download the transactions.
  • If I had to guess, it is a server problem. Looks like the Quicken Servers are not updating the information, and all using what they got days ago. Seems it is location sensitive and the it points to server problems and not the source; ie Schwab, T. Rowe Price, etc