Transition to Schwab complete. Here are two tips.

We have all heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Einstein didn't really say it and it doesn't apply to the transition to the new process for updating your accounts in Quicken.  I have two entirely identical Schwab data files because I normally use it on my desktop system and back it up to my laptop.  On the other hand, there is SOMETHING different between these two systems (possibly block-up popper settings, different default browsers, or different anti-virus products). 

I never made any progress on my desktop.  I had made some initial progress on my laptop so I kept repeating the exercise over and over.  Some of the results were inexplicable (like suggesting that I set up two of my accounts as "new" checking accounts, even though they were pre-existing brokerage accounts).  Finally, I got it done by sheer brute force and repetition. 

TIP #1 If you have the option of trying the migration on a separate system, give it a shot.  And just keep trying.   

TIP #2 Even though I have been tracking my wife's Schwab IRA in Quicken for about 20 years, I was never able to re-authorize downloading transactions.  She has never even had a separate USERID and PASSWORD.  She has always managed her IRA through our "family" USERID and PASSWORD.  That won't work anymore.  View access is truly view access.  So, you MUST set up separate USERIDs for any accounts that are not held in joint tenancy. 

I hope that those tips help somebody in this community.  I also appreciate the folks at Quicken who have patiently worked their way through the issues in this transition despite a lot of angst in this community.