Unable to use Quicken's Express Web Connect with Patelco Credit Union

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Help! I have been unable to connect or update any of my Patelco Credit Union accounts using the Express Web Connect. I have no problems logging on to Patelco's website and downloading the transactions manually into Quicken. But when I tried to add or update an account from Patelco into Quicken, it keeps telling me that the Quicken server is unable to communicate or connect. This has been going on for two days now and would like to know when this problem will be resolved.


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    just to clarify - which of the 2 entries are you using with Quicken ?

    54352    54352    54352    Patelco Credit Union    https://www.patelco.org/   
    (800) 358-8228    NA    ACTIVE   
    09868    09868    09868    Patelco Credit Union-WC    http://www.patelco.org/   
    1-415-442-6200    https://online.patelco.org/Authentication    ACTIVE        

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

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    I’m using the Patelco Credit Union-WC.
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    I also have the issue with Patelco Credit Union-WC
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    the issue started 2-3 days ago
    in Quicken I've prompted to select where to send security code
    yes, I got the code and typed the code
    but, I got the prompt to send the code in Quicken again and again, unless I cancel download

    I got like 5 emails with the code and typed for the registration each time, no error about code doesn't match

    somehow Quicken doesn't register Patelco Credit Union-WC device

    I did account reset, it didn't help, got back to none stop send the code and type it loop
    Best Regards
  • Jimplus2
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    I am still having problems with Quicken not downloading from Patelco. Sure wish the techs would fix this problem.
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    I am not receiving downloaded transactions from Patelco Credit Union. I receive the request for the Online Banking Access Code and reply to that with the texted code, but NO transactions are received for any accounts. I tried to reset 1 of my 2 Member accounts with no effect. I have 2 different Member Accounts each with unique credentials, and each of these have 4 subaccounts. I am using Express Web Connect with Patelco Credit Union-WC. I updated to R36.54 last night, but the update seemed to have corrupted that file by removing transactions from several accounts requiring me to restore from my back-up file created in a previous version on 11/26/2021.
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    I am having same issue. I have also had transactions change and thought I was losing my mind.
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    I have also experienced the issue of accepting new transactions overwriting existing transactions and reported that….
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    Similar problems as above. A caught a flash of a momentary popup that said I've downloaded +2000 days of data, but my accounts haven't updated with any transactions. My opening balances for all Patelco accounts appear to have changed. Not sure how far I should go with restoring a Q backup, but oh dear, the work I've put into updating data for year end. Need a fix soon or doing taxes will be more horrendous than usual.
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    I have the same problem. It goes from cycling over and over for additional information (pin code) to downloading nothing.
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    While I was able to complete an update via Express Web Connect earlier tonight, the update corrupted my account by adding and deleting reconciled transactions. I was able to identify this by importing a list of transactions from both a Direct Connect update and then an Express Web Connect update. I will pursue this further tomorrow.

    I would go back to using Direct Connect, but a couple of years ago I changed after I was unable to resolve downloaded ACH transactions being downloaded without either check numbers or payee information which is supplied with Express Web Connect.
  • I have two separate logins for Patelco CU. The download is working fine for one but for the other I consistently receive the dreaded CC-502 error for more than four months. I already opened my own discussion however that got closed without the issue being solved. I wonder why a pay Quicken for the automatic download feature if they cannot help me.
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