BankUnited won't connect

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I disconnected my connection to Bank United because on Dec 1, all downloads just stopped, no errors. Then I tried to reconnect (from the bottom of the register screen).

First, the only option it gave me was Direct Connect. No joy. Got an screen it couldn't connect, not my fault...

Ok. So I went to add an account (from the menu bar), just to see. Selected BankUnited, NA. Now I had option for Web Connect, which I selected, but no joy. Same screen.

So I can't connect at all. Further, there's no option within BankUnited to download transactions in quicken file format, so that's out. I can only update the register manually, similar to paper and pen.

I don't know if this is related to the ongoing issue with ccscrape.189 error that's never been fixed or not. This is the ONLY bank I have issues like this with. Honestly, it shouldn't even be included as part of Quicken's bank selection if it doesn't work.

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    In addition, I contacted BankUnited and received this reply: Thank you for your message. We do not prevent access to Quicken. As long as you are not locked out of your online banking, you should be able to login using your username and password from BankUnited. If Quicken is not routing to the correct area for it to take your log in credentials it may not sync your activity successfully. Currently, your online banking is not locked out.
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