Account won't reconcile in Mac version but does in PC version

I am in the process of changing over to the Mac version of Quicken. I am still running the PC version as well until I can work all the kinks out.

I backed up my PC data file and installed it on the Mac. Everything was the same on both computers and reconciled. Now, when I download my accounts, the PC version always reconciles and the Mac never reconciles.

It appears that the Mac version account balance is trying to include transactions that have not yet cleared the account but is currently Active transactions. My online bank account shows a 'Beginning balance', 'Activity today' and then an 'Available balance'.

The daily reconciliation should be to the 'Beginning balance' but it appears that it is showing the 'Available balance' as the amount to reconcile.

So I guess my questions is why is there a difference in the way my account is reconciled between PC and Mac and how do I resolve this issue? Thanks!

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  • garysmith87
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    I suggest you change to reconciling using Statement Balance instead of Online Balance.  That way, you can select which transactions to include in the reconciliation, compared to your bank statement.  
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