Schwab still/again

Still nothing but trouble with Schwab. Two log-ins, one for my accounts, one for the wife's. On one PC, only the wife's accounts update, on the other PC, only my accounts update. Works for a couple of days, then messes up. v 37.37 on both. Even the transactions that download are usually messed up with duplicates and/or inaccurate designation the transactions. [Removed-Disruptive]


  • JustKeepOnTruckin
    JustKeepOnTruckin Member ✭✭✭
    So--Is that it? Deactivate and reactivate AGAIN. And deal with hundreds of duplicate transactions AGAIN? And that, theoretically, would be if I'm lucky?
  • nerdindenial
    nerdindenial Member ✭✭✭
    In my case with 36.48 for windows, deactivate/reactivate doesn't do anything - no transactions are downloaded (even though one account is 4 transactions behind what shows on the Schwab web site).
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