One Step Update Repeatedly asks me to sync account at Citi

I have an account at Citi bank that has been enabled for sync. For some reason whenever I run one step update it asks me to "add your account at Citi" and sign in. No matter what action I take (actually sign in or just hit cancel or close the program) this pop up comes EVERY TIME I run one step update. The account I have actually does download balances and transactions every time, but this is incredibly frustrating. I've disabled One Step Update for this account and try to run it again and the same problem persists. I reenable it and the problem persists. No matter what I do I cannot get one step update to stop asking me to "add an account" at Citi. Very frustrating behavior.


  • Mikey D
    Mikey D Member
    Same issue as Nathan.Flaker. Except I get TWO popups everytime.
  • nathan.flaker
    Mikey - I think I finally figured it out. Let me know if this scenario fits your situation.

    I had two accounts at Citi - Checking and Savings (becuase they automatically opened a checking account with my savings). I only used the checking to receive the "interest bonus" from the new account sign up and to move money in and out a few times. Eventually the account automatically closed from Citi due to inactivity and I closed it in Quicken as well. I *think* that I neglected to "deactivate" downloads for this account before I closed it in Quicken (Although I think it should do that automatically?). Since the Savings account is still linked, the "ghost" checking account was continually trying to resync too. I figured this out by going to the closed account and attempting to remove the financial information name from the account information. It would continually reappear as Citibank even if I manually removed or changed it. I believe this is because it was still connected for online services behind the scenes.
    Because you cannot reactivate an account in Quicken after it has been closed (Quicken is very clear about this when you close an account) here is how I solved this problem:

    1) Created a new account as a shell to replicate all the transactions from the old checking account.
    2) Reeentered each transaction (some of them were transfers between accounts so I didn't want to mess up reporting) into the register for the new account
    3) Fully DELETED the old account that was still apparently linked for download.

    I've run one step update a few times since this with no issue. Check it out if you have an old closed account that apparently might still be trying to download...

  • Gene Castorina
    Thanks for your insight. I had received a new Card from Discover over a year ago and registered it for downloads as well as deactivated the old card after the last transaction was received. I then hid the old account. I had no issues with down loading transactions until about a month ago. When I downloaded my transactions into Quicken with One Step, I receive a pop up message box that says “To download your Discover Card you must be registered for the Discover Card Account Center”. This message box appeared in the middle of the One Step update and after the successful download of the Discover transactions, which didn't make much sense. I would have to close the pop up box for one step to complete. After reading your post it dawned on me that perhaps Quicken was trying to connect the old Discover account because I had not "Closed" it at the time. So that's what I now did and the problem has disappeared! Again, thanks for the help.
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