Needing to reauthorize Charles Schwab accounts repeatedly when updating accounts.

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using Quicken for Windows Version R37.37.

After all the suggestions on how to correct the download issues I've been having with my Schwab accounts, I am still being asked to reauthorize my accounts. I have multiple Schwab accounts across multiple Quicken data files using one Quicken ID. In one of the data files, I have accounts with Schwab that uses different Schwab logins. Seems by your updates that this should all be supported.
Just went thru the process of resetting all these accounts. After that was able to receive transactions, although there were a few missing transactions as well as muni bond transactions not recording when they were called/matured.
Also, after the update was successful, I had many transactions downloaded but had to exit the quicken file and then reopen it for the red flag to appear next to the accounts to indicate I had transactions.
After spending countless hours doing this and comparing item by item with my Schwab registers, yesterday when I went to update AGAIN I was asked to reauthorize accounts and receive cc 506 error. I went thru all my hidden accounts in all my data files and there are none that were activated for online access.

I have been a Quicken user for over 30 years. I cannot express enough how ridiculously frustrating this past month has been. I have recommended Quicken to friends and family all these years. Now I'm sorry I did.
My finances are a mess and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
In addition to these problems, I have also been experiencing issues with Capital One downloads for two months or more.

I am one Extremely dissatisfied customer and would like to hear directly from someone at the highest level.


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    This morning, missing Long Term Cap Gain Transaction in one of my accounts
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    This morning missing muni Bond transaction that was called
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