How To Handle Employer RPP Contributions

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On every pay check, my spouse contributes to her pension plan and the employer matches the contribution. I initially had it setup as a split transaction with the gross amount of income and then a transfer to her RPP Investment account. However, there's no way to match that transfer to the corresponding tax line item (RPP Contributions). It seems I can only do that if I assign a specific category to RPP contributions.

How is everyone here setting things up with the Employee & Employer RPP contributions so that it not only adds the money to the RPP investment account but also adds those amounts to the Tax Line Item corresponding with RPP contributions? I'd like for these to show-up in the year-end tax report.

The problem with using categories instead of actual transfers to the RPP investment account is that although it would allow me to align that category to a tax line item in Quicken, it will no longer physically transfer the money to the RPP investment account.

Any ideas/suggestions?
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