Reauthentication transaction errors

As Schwab user, last week I reauthenticated my accounts. Until today the downloads were working fine. Today I received transactions to "reinvest interest." I am confident that the tran was actually a "reinvest dividend" not interest, but that is a minor issue. Unfortunately the tran data did not include the number of shares or price only dollar amount was shown. To compound things, a "Buy" transaction was also downloaded that threw my cash position records into a nonexistent overdraft. I was able to delete the buys and edit the reinvest to add share data and right the ship.
My question is, does this error come from Schwab or is Quicken reporting it incorrectly? Also, will the Mondo patch address the issue or does something else need to be done?


  • sonomaron
    sonomaron Member ✭✭✭
    If you look at your Schwab transaction history you will probably see that there was a reinvest Long Term and/or Short Term Capital Gain transaction, together with Buy transactions. What I've done in Quicken is delete the Reinvest Int transaction. Accept the Bought transaction and then edit it to change transaction type from Bought to Reinvest Income and move the number of shares and $ amount from Interest to either ST or LT CG based on the transactions I see in Schwab history. I know this is a PITA, but it's the easiest way I've found to get this corrected in Quicken. Others have reported this issue with miscategorizing these reinvest transactions. For me, it appears that Reinvest Dividend transactions are posting OK in Quicken. I also have my investment accounts set up to NOT automatically accept transactions. That way I can easily see what's new and review them individually. Good Luck!
  • melS
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    I can make these download corrections as you suggest. My preference is that Schwab identify and Quicken download correctly. Prior to the last Q update, either a "Reinvest" or a "Div/Int" and a "buy" downloaded, but not both! Is that being addressed or should I expect to adjust from this day forward?
  • tenacity
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    Having the same problem. Started in November for me. It's also not consistent - some of the transactions download properly as a dividend paid, then show a reinvestment, zeroing the cash out. Some show a buy, decreasing cash, and a reinvestment transaction that's essentially blank, creating a negative cash balance. When I look at the transactions in Schwab, they are all listed correctly. I spent hours fixing this over the last few days. Having a ton of other problems as well - the software is so buggy right now...
  • melS
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    Another Q update downloaded this week. I have no idea if the issue discussed here was in the most recent update. That said, daily downloads since the last update have not included the kind of duplicate or error transaction I reported initially. So for now I assume the issue has been successfully corrected.