Can I reload a Quicken backup dating to October before R36.23 security changes.

Since the implementation of 36.23 update my data has been in chaos particularly with Charles Schwab accounts. I've authorized and reauthorized accounts to no avail!! It's like ping pong where you authorize some accounts and others become unauthorized. Data has been garbled. At this point I am ready to abandon use of Quicken altogether. I have been a Quicken user for almost 30 years! I contacted Quicken support, but their recommendation only made things worse. I'm not a techie. The nightmare continues.


  • garysmith87
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    You can restore a data backup from any previous time frame.

    You'll then need to add all transactions and security prices from that backup date/time to now, either by downloads or manual entry.

    Personally, I think the chances restoring any backup and hoping you get your Schwab downloads fixed is slim to none.  

    Your Schwab issues are not unique and almost all Schwab users are experiencing problems as their new connectivity protocol for data aggregation is a huge problem for it's customers. 
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