Citi Bank not able to down load credit card transaction

Dave S
Dave S Member ✭✭✭
Citi transactions would not download in Dec 2021. I called Citi tech phone number is 877-660-1132. It is a dedicated number for support.
Citi support had me LOG off Citi and then go to and log on. Then return to Quicken. For the problem account click on it to highlight it then RIGHT click on it then click on EDIT/DELETE ACCOUNT, then click ONLINE SERVICES tab and then RESET ACCOUNT online. This fixed the issue. NOTE: in the Citi website go to Profile,(upper right), More Settings and then Apps With Account Access, you should see that Quicken is now authorized. (there may be a 24-48 delay for you to see this). If you don’t see it after 48 hours then go to Manage Desktop Apps and authorize Quicken. After that then go back to Quicken and try to update the account.
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