Schwab conversion and account reconcile - Opening Balance Changed

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After days of trying, I finally have all 13 Schwab accounts across 3 usernames updated and reconciled (both cash balances and shares owned).

To my surprise and frustration, previously successfully reconciled balances changed for 2 accounts, one investment and my Schwab checking. I tracked this down using historical statements to find that Quicken changed the opening account my case, from 0 to some other value which then caused all account balances to be 'off'. I reset the opening balances to $0, and all is well.

So, heads up if suddenly you can't get the account balance reconciled....check your opening balance! Good luck.

We shall collectively see how this continues to progress.
Confession: I never did get a few checking and investment transactions to download and just entered them manually.


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    I am so tired of spending hours of my time with level 2 support over the Schwab conversion. [Removed - Speculation] My problems were too many to list. I have over 30 years of history and multiple accounts with all types on investments. [Removed - Rant]
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