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:'( I cannot tell you how disappointing this transition has been. It is now 12-11-2021. I have been trying to get my downloads for quicken and for over 30 days it has been screwed up and no end in sight. I am thinking about canceling my account as this software is junk at this point


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  • After an update on Dec. 3 I was finally able to resume SOME downloads from Schwab but today, Dec. 11, I found that I am still not able to download ALL transactions. Notably missing are all capital gain distributions from mutual funds and some dividend distributions. Being that it is the end of the year when most of these events happen and when their accounting is needed for fourth quarted estimated tax payments, this is critical!
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    Same here. The one step update says 4 transactions were downloaded, but they don't show up in my register.
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    > @Sue MC said:
    > Same here. The one step update says 4 transactions were downloaded, but they don't show up in my register.

    That part has been fixed for me: updating to Quicken R37.37 enabled all downloaded transactions to show in my register. When I updated on 12/3, this version did not show in Quicken's Help > Check for updates menu so I had to download the "Mondo Patch" from their support website. The problem I am still having is that capital gains distribution reinvestments don't download as such but instead as share purchases from the account's cash balance with no balancing gain payout.
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    I just noticed that my login into schwab is not correct and I am locked out to change it.
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    so I have deactivated all my accounts and tried to reconnect but not get the 501 code cannot connect. Went to Schwab site and my accounts are selected for download maybe this should be refreshed somehow through Schwab - my password for schwab is not correct and I cannot delete the current password when I try the software locks up and have to control alt delete to shut it down. So there is some serious issues
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    Just got back from Vacation hoping this will be fixed. I see the update for the software 36.56 - download and update and no it does not work - Quicken locks up and still cannot download my info from Schwab - server down error 501
  • chubbtl
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    deactivated my accounts tried to reconnect and my system crashed. Restarted and tried again and they say it downloaded transactions but they dont show up in my register. Now getting new errors with Merrill and Vanguard - so still junk at this point.
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