Schwab downloads - Bond prices not updating

tvpluta Member ✭✭
I've given this a few weeks, bond prices are still not updating. Anyone else having issues with this?


  • CocoaPuff
    CocoaPuff Member ✭✭
    Yes, having similar issue with prices of individual bonds at Schwab not updating. Last price update for me was Nov 17, 2021. Stock prices are updating.

    Quicken Win Premier R37.37 on Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • tvpluta
    tvpluta Member ✭✭
    Thanks, have you spoken with anyone at Quicken support about this? Wondering if they are working on a fix with a future release. For now, updating the prices manually gets us to balance with Schwab. Take care.
  • dmps
    dmps Member
    edited December 2021
    same problem spent 6 hours over 2 days in attempt to get a fix. Extremely critical of their lack of help. Last agent wanted me to list all 35 bonds I needed updated and would not help me unless all listed. I was sharing my screen with them and I showed them all data was available for a screen save. [Removed - Disruptive]
  • MTCacciatore
    I am having the same problem. Bond prices have not been updated for any bonds since Nov 16, 2021. Stock, ETF, Mutual Fund prices updating.
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