1099-R Pension State Tax Spouse?

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Is there a way to add an extended tax category for the state tax withheld for my spouse? I prefer not to co-mingle state tax w/h for me with my wife's.


  • garysmith87
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    You can create a new category, State Tax Withheld Spouse...but there is no extra tax line item to dilineate 1099-R State tax withheld from self or spouse.  

    You can certainly see who's tax that is with almost any report, including the Tax Summary report...as the category also shows.  
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    Tks Gary. I did additional online searching and it appears Q has never provided a separate 1099-R state tax spouse line item in spite of many requests & complaints over the years. When you think about it, it makes no sense given that there is a 1099-R fed spouse line item. How hard is it to add the same for state. Ridiculous that Q holds out while charging more pretty much every year.
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    Just curious if Superusers see posts like this and forward them to someone higher for review?
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    I think you're missing something here.

    Quicken and your federal taxes need the 1099 R fed income tax, self and spouse separate line items.  Why?  Because they will flow to Quicken's Tax Planner and TurboTax and thus your income tax 1040 form.

    State taxes withheld from pension payments or tax deferred retirement accounts do NOT flow to your 1040 form directly.  They flow to Schedule A as state and local income taxes.  They may not even be included as the IRS allows you to claim either your state and local income taxes paid OR your actual sales taxes paid.  And that's assuming that your total Schedule A deductions surpass the IRS standard deduction. 

    Quicken assumes if you're married you're filing jointly.  Therefore, it doesn't matter in Quicken, in the Tax Planner, in TurboTax or any tax preparation where the state tax withheld comes from.  State tax withheld is state tax withheld...whether it's from you or your wife.

    Now, I did tell you that in Quicken almost every report created will also sort by category.  So setting up your own State Tax Withheld Spouse category will separate out your transaction entries from State Tax Withheld Self category.  

    The Tax Schedule report will actually sort by category within your Schedule A State Tax Withheld section. 

    And I don't see anyone being forced to use Quicken if it doesn't meet their needs.   
  • bajohnson_47
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    Using a separate category in Q is all fine and good for Quicken reports, etc. I do that now. However when importing to Turbo Tax it is important to segregate state taxes by self & spouse. Especially if for some reason you file married separate vs. married joint. I can always enter manually in TT but why should I have to if the data is segregated when entered in Q?.
  • volvogirl
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    I suppose if you are filing your tax returns as Married filing Separate you should have 2 separate Quicken Data Files.  One for each spouse.  Or many things will be combined in Turbo Tax.   Are you in a community property state?  You might want to go over to the Turbo Tax forum too.   Usually filing Joint is better than Separate.
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