Slow transaction entry

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Using Q Deluxe latest. I've dealt w/ this problem for years, many iterations: transactions, well particularly those with split categories linking to other accounts, are quite slow to save, and the window of the entire application resizes slightly as it contemplates entering the new transaction. If I have to go back and edit it, same problem. My Quicken file is about 120MB. I'm on an exceptionally fast computer. It is definitely a software issue, or some glitch buried in my database file (which is still a software issue). Any ideas short of starting new from say the start of 2020?


  • garysmith87
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    Off the bat, I would try two things:

    1 Reduce the number of Memorized Payees in the list by deleting most if not all of them and then limiting the number of payees saved to 2 or 3 months worth in the Preferences setting.

    2 Archive investment accounts with heavy activity/trading.  Archiving investment transactions will move all closed lots to another account.

    I'd start with that and see if your performance increases.  
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