Schwab holdings are *ALMOST* correct after creating account from scratch

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My Quicken version is Home, Business & Rental Property, Version R36.48 Build
(I tried installing the Mondo patch, but it failed.)

This is a Charles Schwab issue.
I noticed a couple of my securities & the cash balance no longer matched what I see in my account via the Schwab website and statements.

* I deactivated the Schwab updates attached to my original Quicken account.
* I tried "Add Account" and let it create a new Schwab Quicken account with a different name than the original.

After the account was created, the cash balance was now correct but there were security discrepancies. Quicken showed one security with the wrong share balance and another security that isn't part of my holdings. Oddly, both issues were with T.Rowe Price holdings.

If this is a known issue, please let me know. I'll wait for a resolution.
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