M&T Bank - Why won't my accounts update/transactions download?

I just started using subscription quicken deluxe after using an older version of quicken for many years. I imported the data file from my previous version of quicken then I did the online set up for my M&T Bank accounts. However, after waiting several minutes for it to sync, none of my recent transactions were downloaded. Does anyone know where I may have gone wrong and what I need to do differently.


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    What version are you running .... Help --> About Quicken
    It appears there are 2 entries for M&T - which one are you using ?
    00788    00788    00788    M&T Bank Corporation   
    https://www.mtb.com/personal/Pages/Index.aspx    1-800-790-9130   
    https://onlinebanking.mtb.com/    ACTIVE        
    14770    14770    14770    M&T Bank Direct Connect   
    https://www.mtb.com    1-800-790-9130    NA    ACTIVE   

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  • I have version R36.48. I used M&T Bank Corporation when setting up. Thank you
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    What kind of accounts do you have ? 
    Normally the DIRECT entry has all the avail account types, but weirdly the M&T world
    seems to have split off the “investments” 
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  • I just have basic accounts: checking, savings, credit
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    Well.... looks like M&T for some strange reason has the TWO entries - as listed above -
    and you can see the types of accounts supported by each.
    SO - you have to edit Quicken to use the DIRECT entry....
    ... --> Tools --> Account List --> find your M&T accounts --> [Edit] --> Online Services --> Deactivate -->
    then --> Setup Now --> and pick the M&T DIRECT entry -->

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  • Thank you for trying to help with this issue. My username and password didn't work with the Direct Connect option. I have spent two hours this evening with Quicken and M&T. Each conversation ending with one saying to contact the other. I have decided to cancel my Quicken subscription. I am disappointed that after using a prior version of Quicken for many years I will now need to find another program or process for maintaining my accounts.
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