Should we revert to R36.54 from R37.37 ?

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  • MontanaKarl
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    @Quicken Sarah
    Should those of us who had moved to the 37.37 mondo patch before it got suspended, use this new Mondo Patch to move to 36.54 even if everything seems to be working?

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  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hi @MontanaKarl

    If you aren't experiencing any issues with missing downloaded transactions from Schwab, there's no need to revert to the R36.54 version and you can stay with R37.37.

    Hope this helps,

  • BK
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    @Quicken Sarah , for additional clarification:
    * I am doing a clean uninstall and reinstall from scratch and I do have Schwab.  Should I opt for R37.37 or R36.54. (I saved both patches).
    * Is everything that is in R37.37 also included in R36.54?
    * Is there a benefit to R37.37?
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  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hi @BK

    This is a great question and I appreciate your reaching out!  The releases are a little complicated right now, but I'll try to keep it simple :)

    R37.37 was paused on 12/1/21 and since then we've pushed out R36.45, 36.48 and 36.54, all targeted at resolving specific issues users have reported with the Schwab transition.

    However, R37.37 includes program changes, fixes and enhancements that aren't included in any of the R36 releases, since R37 was/is intended to be the next version of Quicken.  If you are interested in seeing everything included in the R37 build, please visit here.

    Unfortunately, any work/progress on the R37 build was paused and we reverted back to R36 to focus on fixing the reported issues with Schwab.

    So, long story short, if your Schwab accounts are connected, working correctly, downloading transactions that post correctly in Quicken and you'd like to have the changes/enhancements included in the R37 build, I would advise installing the 37.37 version.

    If you are experiencing any issues with the Schwab accounts connecting/updating or posting transactions, then I would advise installing 36.54.

    I hope this helps and please let me know if there are any further questions/concerns.

  • Ps56k2
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    Quicken Sarah said: This is a great question and I appreciate your reaching out! 
    tnx for all that you have done on the forum - you will be greatly missed -

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  • Steven Green
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    I down-patched from R37.37 because it introduced a bevy of NEW kinds of errors on my Schwab downloads. Those errors are not present when I installed 36.48 and then updated it to 36.54. Downloads are definitely still not working correctly but at least I do not have the new set of problems (mostly related to mis-matching securities in Quicken with those in the same account at Schwab).
  • fun1000000
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    Ps56k2 said:
    Quicken Sarah said: This is a great question and I appreciate your reaching out! 
    tnx for all that you have done on the forum - you will be greatly missed -

    Where is she going ?
    Retiring maybe, if so how will we ever survive without her ?
    Is there going to be a retirement party that we can all attend ? :)
    Yes, she will be truly missed.
  • mikeova
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    i just opened a new schwab account, had to no previous schwab accounts in my quicken file, and yes as of today i am getting a cc-501 error when i try to add my schwab account to quicken. i am on release 36.54. so while some of the issues for people with existing schwab accounts may be getting better, people with a new schwab account cannot add the account to quicken.
  • BajaBarry
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    :/ I updated to 36.54 and my Schwab problem still exists. I hope my image showing the problem is attached. It appears new transactions are downloaded but they do not appear in the registers (note no red flag). The other accounts work.
  • BajaBarry
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    > @BajaBarry said:
    > Further to my post yesterday, it is a big PIA having to manually enter lots of transactions in 7 accounts. I also noticed another strange change(?) - after I accept transactions, it used to remove the flag and update the total in the left side panel when I moved to another account but now it takes a long time and I'm not sure what may have triggered it to do that.
  • robertlstein
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    Let me add one more CRITICAL problem with 36.54: direct connect update to Chase Bank causes a program hang ("not responding") when attempting to associate individual downloaded transactions with the register.

    There is no solution I can find, and I'm frankly peeved. This file has data dating back to 2003, and rebuilding from scratch is clearly untenable. I can't pay online bills, I can't reconcile, I can't do squat.

    My greatest fear of 100MB+ datafiles has finally come to pass.
  • jimmcd01
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    > @mikeova said:
    > i just opened a new schwab account, had to no previous schwab accounts in my quicken file, and yes as of today i am getting a cc-501 error when i try to add my schwab account to quicken. i am on release 36.54. so while some of the issues for people with existing schwab accounts may be getting better, people with a new schwab account cannot add the account to quicken.

    Similar to @mikeova, I just opened a new Schwab account, and get a cc-501 error when trying to add it to quicken. Please advise.
  • StuckLikeChuck
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    HELP...I NEED to revert to my previous version before the "update" on 12/21/2021. R36.56 has me COMPLETELY broken with ALL Express Web accounts including Schwab. I did NOT have ANY issues before this "update". HOW does one REVERT to a previous version? [Removed-Abusive] Even had a completely successful download at * a.m., then updated and has NOT worked since....period. How to revert??
  • StuckLikeChuck
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    Aw come on....someone knows....How do I revert back to a previous version or where can I get the previous build or something.....[Removed-Speculation] I'll be happy with .54 or anything else other than this one.
  • moper
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    A few days ago I update to 37.52 and updated four Schwab accounts. Everything looked OK except I found several capital gain transactions that had the problems described under "Other Known Issues" at It took a couple of hours to clean those up. I have four more Schwab accounts to update but I will wait for those known issues to be fixed. The problems unleashed by the Schwab transaction-download changes are covered on several different support pages. Where will I find the latest news when fixes have been applied?
  • Richard Troy
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    ATTN:  Kathryn.

    I worked through the Schwab issues starting last month, added the Mondo patch, waited until major issues were resolved, and then got my accounts up and running. (N.B.  Due to a hard drive upgrade last week, I had to reinstall Quicken, but except for Schwab, I've had no issues with online accounts and I've been current on all versions.)  Noticed yesterday discrepancies in our six Schwab accounts (using two logins for mine and my wife's accounts) as transactions had stopped downloading.  I accepted both Quicken version changes this week and am now on 36.57.  Last evening, I deactivated and reactivated our accounts.  The two brokerage accounts added fund transactions, but there remain discrepancies in the cash portion of these two accounts.  None of our four IRA/Roth IRA accounts have updated since Monday 12/20 at 8:38 AM Eastern.  That's where it stands.  Hope this rings a bell with someone.  I'll go over the FAQs and recommendations once again, but wanted to mention it now. Thanks.
  • StuckLikeChuck
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    Woke up, got on Quicken, did a one-step update, everything including 2 Schwab accounts, worked perfectly. I saw there was an update so I went ahead and did it. It destroyed ALL my connections. After over 3 hours on the phone with Support, everything is fixed and working as designed. In my case every single account had to be deactivated. One at a time, reactivate and confirm successful connection. Many of my successful connections resulted in all my beginning balances changed, additionally thousands of transactions came across, additionally some accounts were duplicated, additionally accounts did not allow you to match them to Quicken accounts so THEY were duplicated. By the time it was over I had over 2 million extra dollars in Quicken!
    FIXES PERFORMED: So you delete the duplicated accounts, delete the financial institution name and account number, Add account, and then match to your Quicken account. As for bad balances, you'll have to do the math to find your correct opening balance. As for thousands of duplicate transactions, delete one by one. As for thousands of transactions that you already accepted before Quicken broke you, Luckily you can use the SHIFT key to select all of them and delete them all at once BUT, only in banking, credit accounts. ALL those investment transactions have to be painfully deleted ONE BY ONE.
  • Richard Troy
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    This is a follow-on to my comment yesterday.  I reviewed the suggested procedures and re-attempted resolution. My two brokerage accounts were successfully deactivated and reactivated; however, I was unable to deactivate four IRA/RothIRA accounts, in spite of validating/super-validating as suggested in a previous recommendation.  Currently, my two brokerage accounts show some transactions, but discrepancies remain.  The IRAs simply do not respond.  I note that all was working well until 12/17.  As for my comments yesterday, I was in error in stating I deactivated the IRA accounts, and I probably lost some brokerage transactions between 12/17 and 12/20.  My Schwab accounts date back only to September, so I could live with a delete and reinstall, if that's what it takes.
  • jandyk52
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    I have spent countless hours trying to unravel what has happened since this situation occurred. I have had one long session with a Quicken support rep by phone and many accounts were decativated and reactivated one by one. This work helped but now I find that some Schwab dividend transactions have one across With "Unidentifed Securty" listed in the Name column of the CASH accounts of the Schwab Brokerage account. I was unable to just add a Security name to the cash transaction name column. The investment part of the transaction looked correct. I believe that this is a "micro" portion of the problem since the balances are mostly incorrect. I have been a Quicken user for 14 or more years and I have been an investor for the entire period. Based on what is left after the "fixes", I cannot reconcile the transaction balances or the cash balances and all of them need to be reconciled. This is discouraging beyond belief. Perhaps Quicken could add a "manual" update process whereby "CSV" transactions that could be manually downloaded from Schwab and then manually imported into Quicken.
  • maeagle
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    Apparently another staged release went out this morning. Staged release just means to me more problems and makes those downloading 37.62 "test" subjects.. For now I am sticking with the 36.57 ...which worked just fine yesterday.
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