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Hi, I've purchased a CME S&P500 futures contract. I'm trying to figure out how to add the ticker symbol so I can track the position and have the price automatically update as with other securities. The exact contract is the E-Mini S&P 500 Mar 22. Yahoo Finance tracks it like this:

Can this position be added to Quicken? If so, how? I can create a manual placeholder but then I would have to manually update the current value.


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    Does this futures contract live in a brokerage account you're already downloading from? If so, you may get lucky and the brokerage will send you the data.  Otherwise, I can find no way to enter this security into Quicken such that it will download.

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    Yes, it does live in a brokerage account I download from. Unfortunately, it doesn't download correctly. Looks like I will need to manually update the price of this position until Quicken supports these futures contracts,
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