'Portfolio Value Graph by Account' does not match totals in Account List

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I believe I have the same issue posted previously in:

In this report only, two of my three brokerage accounts are incorrect but the third is correct. As stated, the account totals in the left column account list for all three accounts are matching my online balances perfectly. Yet this is the only graph that is showing incorrect balances on two of the three accounts.

I've attempted to 'Clear all' and 'Select all' on each of the customize report tabs but with no change to reflect the correct balances.

Using Quicken Deluxe vR36.54, Build



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    If it matters any, this particular report was correct up until the end of November '21. This was about the same time when there were reported issues with Schwab security updates. It took approximately two weeks to sort thru the issue to get the balances in the Accounts list to match again.
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    Seems that I'm alone here. As such, after more digging I found the two suspect mutual funds that are offsetting one report from another. It's weird that two of the same reports are pulling different values. So I've made progress, now how to fix...
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    I hate to see you alone ... 

    Is this a Schwab issue?  Are you a Schwab customer?  Are these Schwab accounts?
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    Thank for your response.
    That is correct. The accounts in question are Schwab. Not sure if it's a Schwab issue or a Quicken issue. I'm leaning towards Quicken due to a long history of not having any issues with these accounts and reporting. The timing of my issue also coincides with the recent changes Quicken made. Which Quicken also acknowledged technical issues, particularly with Schwab.
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    I'm a little more inclined toward Quicken, but with all the Schwab issues floating around, ya gotta wonder.

    Is this the "Portfolio Value Graph by Account" on a 'home page', or from a report?

    "Home Page" -- I'd delete it and re-create it.  Somehow, at times those views seem to get out of sync or corrupted.  

    Report -- Saved report -- recreate it from the Reports menu
    Report -- already from the Reports menu -- I'd focus the report down to the each account separately to try to determine any problem securities and to determine a problem date.  Good before that date, not good after that date. 
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    Thanks again for responding, Q. Really appreciate you taking the time to assist. Maybe some clarity will help along with some recent findings.

    After launching Quicken, on the home screen, the far-left column displays my 'Accounts'. Within the 'Investing' section of that column I have three Schwab accounts listed. The total of these three accounts matches fine with my Schwab brokerage online.

    Within the 'Home' tab from the top menu, using the 'Main View' option I have the 'Portfolio Value Graph By Account' displayed amongst other graphs. This graph too, is reporting correctly for the three Schwab accounts as I hover my mouse over each of them.

    The specific problem is when I select this graph either using the magnifying glass cursor, clicking the 'Show Full Graph' or 'Show Portfolio Value Report' button. Any of these report options I choose opens the 'Show Portfolio Value Report - As of 00/00/0000' in a separate window. This is where the totals are not matching to what I viewed previously on the Home page under the 'Accounts/Investing' section or within the 'Home/Main View', 'Portfolio Value Graph By Account' report.

    Prior to the holiday I did a little more research and found, I believe two suspect funds. One fund in one Schwab account and one in another. Each of these is reporting a few thousand dollars more than what is showing from the Home page, which just so happens to match (to the penny) the offset amount. It's driving me absolutely BANANAS!

    Why the totals are correct under the 'Accounts/Investing' section and the very graph in question on the Home page but not when I open it in a separate window has me dumbfounded. I'm afraid if I try to manually adjust these two funds to correct the report it will subsequently mess up what is currently showing correctly.

    Your thoughts?
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    I have the same issue Schwab accouts cash balance is wrong in reports