Schwab Never Ending issues

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For a short while it seemed the Schwab issue was sorta going away. Prior to R36.54 on Dec 13, my brokerage accounts were activated via CS&Co and transactions downloaded at the time of activation (around Dec 10), but after that the transactions never updated insofar as the download datetime stamp on each account remained unchanged.
Then today R36.54 was auto installed but this still has the same download issue, but worse in that when I deactivated the EWC+ and attempted to reauthenticate, there was a Quicken advertisement where I should be seeing account mapping to current Quicken accounts!!! Any attempts to start over simply resulted in an endless loop.
Fortunately, I have cloud file storage and I retrieved yesterday's file such that the datafile still has EWC+ active on all Schwab accounts.
This is getting comical, over a month but still stuck in pretty much the same Schwab/Quicken purgatory.


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    I'm having the exact same issue, I got one partial update a few days ago but had to manually ad a few transactions. No updated transactions have posted since 12/9/2021
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    Schwab transactions downloading into Quicken still not working properly? I have to check each of my Schwab accounts (individually) to see if the transactions can/if are downloaded?? Can't anyone resolve this fix 100%???
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    Same issues here. Had to revert to a backup copy to get the accounts to link again. Endless loop when trying to restore any account and what is with that advertisement for new membership? All of yesterdays transactions are not downloading and now in addition to no updates on CDs and option prices, stocks are not updating this morning either.
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    I probably shouldn't say this on a Quicken forum, but here goes.... Ever since Quicken was spun off from Intuit to a private equity firm, things have not gone well at least from a customer viewpoint. PE's are turn around firms which bring management and financial resources to distressed companies with the goal of eventually exiting at a gain, much like VC firms. There is nothing wrong with that as it often is a good option for companies, but if top technical talent is not incentivized to remain, they will often head for the exits looking for other opportunities. I know this firsthand as a former Silicon Valley engineer myself and Quicken is headquartered in SV where there are a bazillion tech companies searching for top talent and are willing to pay for it.
    My intuition tells me that is happening at Quicken. The problems we are seeing are indications the engineering development, testing, and validation staff are thinned out. Beta testing for these critical changes should have caught these issues and fixed before releasing them into the wild but now that it's out there, the pressure to fix it just mounts by the day. I just hope they can repair the damage it before it's too late.
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    This is still a problem. All the data from Schwab is about 25% of what it should be when compared to Schwab web site. All updates are installed and activated.
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    With respect to analysis by redexces, I think it is more specific than staff has "thinned out" --[Edited-Speculation]. What is especially irritating is that the Quicken mouthpieces on this forum (e.g., Kathryn, Sarah) keep posting fixes, none of which work and some of which exacerbate the problems. Also, those responsible for maintaining and/or organizing this forum are permitting multiple threads on essentially the same topic to persist, so the magnitude of this enormous set of blunders is not as apparent as if they were properly consolidated.
  • William Toperzer
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    I agree.  I know people at Schwab who support Quicken who confirm Quicken had sufficient notice to support and fully test this change.  Further, I agree that the threads need to be consolidated and that Kathryn and Sarah postings are inaccurate and misleading.  Despite 1.5 hours online and on screen with Quicken Support last week to probe every corner, I am getting new CC-xxx messages this week.  

    I posted a separate thread that Quicken owes those suffering the Schwab blunder a year's FREE Quicken at next renewal.
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    > @William Toperzer said:

    > I posted a separate thread that Quicken owes those suffering the Schwab blunder a year's FREE Quicken at next renewal.

    ;) ;) ;)
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