Why does scheduled update never end? Windows version.

Requires reboot or kill quicken task to use Quicken


  • GeoffG
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    You may have an errant financial institution that never responds and the scheduler does not contain code (as it should) to end the process after x minutes. Does running Update in Quicken work without fail?
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  • UKR
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    Is one of your banks requesting a security code to be entered at every One Step Update? That's known to hang up Scheduled Update if not programmed correctly by Quicken/Intuit.
    To test if that is the case, turn off Scheduled Update for a while and run One Step Update when you start Quicken. This should show you where the problem lies.
  • kweiss00
    kweiss00 Member
    One step up-date always works.
  • UKR
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    kweiss00 said:
    One step up-date always works.
    And none of your banks asks for some extra input like a security code or a Captcha image during One Step Update? The entire OSU runs without human intervention from start to finish?

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