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I hope this isn't too redundant. I couldn't find a discussion that matched closely enough. So here goes: I'm in the habit of entering my own placeholders for unsettled securities transactions (esp. purchases) in order to generate the most up-to-date reports or manage cash. Almost every time, when I update transactions, Quicken gets the transaction and I delete the placeholder. This process may have nothing to do with my problem, but in the interest of full disclosure, I include it.

Now for the first time , 3 out of 4 transactions worked as expected, but Quicken failed to download one.

When I went to ONLINE CENTER > TRANSACTIONS, there is the missing transaction. But when I click COMPARE TO LIST, Quicken confirms that there are no unaccepted downloaded transactions. The SECURITY LIST and SECURITY DETAIL VIEW have this security (cusip) with no transactions, no cost basis, no history at all.

So I can live with my placeholder there, but even tho the Security List has the security, it is not listed in the HOLDINGS in the account register. Also since it is a taxable brokerage account with a linked checking account, I'd like to keep the record keeping as clean as possible.

So how do I get Quicken to download this transaction and enter the security in the account's register? Or failing that, what should I do?

Many thanks for instruction or advice,
Quicken Deluxe R36.48
Win 8.1


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    The usual advice given to other users with the same "stuck transaction" problem is to try this:
    • go into Edit / Preferences / Downloaded Transactions, put a checkmark in "Automatically add to investment transaction lists", click OK.
    • from the investment account register's Action gear icon run an "Update Now" to download transactions.
    • Usually this breaks stuck transactions free.
    • Remember to remove the checkmark in Preferences after you're done.
    Please let us know if that works for you.
  • Jeanne
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    > @UKR said:
    > The usual advice given to other users with the same "stuck transaction" problem is to try this:

    Hmmmnnnn... I already had that checked so now I have something new to worry about (tomorrow ;) ). I don't have an "update now" but I re-ran the update transactions choice. No change.

    If I try "update shares" Quicken recognizes the problem and offers to enter a placeholder, which could be better than nothing. But I'll postpone that to see if some other solution arises.

    But thanks for trying.
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