American Express Card validation

A while back, I had an AMEX credit card. The card is now cancelled, and the account is closed in my Quicken. I also have currently two AMEX Hi Yield bank accounts. Every time I do a "one step update", after all the accounts are updated I get a box asking for my user name and password for my Amex credit card ... which is the closed account. If I hit "cancel" and re-confirm the cancel, the box goes away and my update is completed as normal. Why is it asking me for credentials of an account long closed and not connected as part of my one-step update?


  • UKR
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    I can only speculate, but I'm suspecting a bug. Somehow the fact that the account is marked closed in Quicken is not properly recognized by OSU.
    Please try this: Go into Edit Account details and blank out the fields containing Financial Institution Name, Account Number and Customer ID. Save the changes. Next time you run OSU, does it still prompt for information for this account?
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