Transactions Disappeared

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I have an account where I keep track of all my banking transactions manually. Yesterday I was looking for a specific transaction that was reconciled previously. I did not find it. On further checking , at least two other entries (previously reconciled) for the same vendor have disappeared. Any ideas what happened and what should I do ? Thank you.


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    If this isn't caused by an accidental Filter being set in your register, to exclude certain transactions, how about you do this:
    Restore your Quicken data file from a recent backup taken before you discovered the problem, but be sure to restore it to a file name that is different than your current data file. You do not want to overwrite your current file.
    Look for the missing transactions in the restored file, write down the details (date, amount, etc.), then switch back to your current data file and manually reenter the missing transactions.
    I have no idea what could have happened. If the missing transactions contained transfers from/to another account, could it be possible that you made changes to these transactions in the other account?
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