Schwab Accounts missing fund price updates

I just spoke with tech support on this issue, they stated they are still working on resolving the issue with the new Schwab security protocol.
I have four regular investment accounts with Schwab that I run the "One Step Update" on every weekend.

Since installing all the patches I have noticed three changes:
a. The "One Step Update Progress" Window has the Schwab Accounts grayed out and it states "waiting", the spinning activity indicator is also missing on the Schwab Accounts. The "Online services" category however indicates it is updating and is not grayed out.
b. The update process takes one minute where it used to take 10 seconds.
c. Not all my funds are updating in the Schwab Accounts. The funds that are not updating are not the same ones each week and there doesn't appear to be a pattern as to which funds are updated.

I now have to manually update the missing price updates by logging into Schwab's website and manually inputting the info into Quicken not good!

There are definite issues remaining between Quicken and Schwab.

Is any one else experiencing this issue?


  • clifsaik
    clifsaik Member ✭✭
    I just updated to 37.52. Before that, I couldn't connect to my Schwab Charitable account, bevause it did not appear in the accounts available to be linked. However, after updating to the 37.52, I was able to link my scvhwab charitable account and some old transactions cam across. IO deleted those transactions, and everything appwears to be ok, EXCEPT my prices did not update. That appears to be still broken.
  • maeagle
    maeagle Member ✭✭
    I am finally as of today able to link to my LPOA accounts ... a step in the right directions - this is a reversal on Schwab's part. Quotes still not updating for cds and options.
  • tshattuck53
    An update:
    I launched the "One Step Update" today and Quicken once again did not update all fund prices within my Schwab accounts. So the problem remains. Hopefully this will get corrected within thew next week, this is become a hassle.
  • tshattuck53
    I launched the "One Step Update" today, this time Quicken did download all price updates. Quicken however did not download a monthly cash withdrawal to my checking account. This is the first time this has not worked since the Schwab security update. I do have all Quicken updates installed. So Quicken download security issues remain.
  • Don Andrews
    Don Andrews Member ✭✭
    As of 12/30/21, pricing for funds classified by Schwab in my accounts as ETF and Closed-End funds are not being updated. Are other people still having this issue?
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