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Bond Issues with Schwab Accounts

S Singer
S Singer Member ✭✭
edited January 2022 in Investing (Windows)
I have downloaded the latest update R37.52. After completing the download I performed the One Step Update. Once again Quicken downloaded some information from as far back as September, but not all data, and did not match some obvious matches. Additionally, bond maturities and MBS principal payments were shown in the investment cash accounts rather than in the securities investment account. Finally, since November 16 Quicken has not downloaded the current prices on any bonds and some preferreds held at Schwab.


  • CocoaPuff
    CocoaPuff Member ✭✭
    I too have updated to R37.52 and individual bond prices are still not updating as of 12/16/21. My last update to bond prices was a month ago (11/17/21).
  • maeagle
    maeagle Member ✭✭
    ditto...No option price or CD updates yet since this transition. Also since I updated to 36.54 I have to individually update each of my 3 accounts. One step update does not update them all at the same time. This is getting more frustrating day by day. Last month of the tax year is a terrible time to have such a fiasco.
  • DetroitRick
    DetroitRick Member ✭✭
    Same issue with bond prices. Last price download was 11/16/21 - the day before I did the Schwab connection change. I'm on version R37.37 now, but same was true with all prior versions.
  • I stopped at 37.45 a week ago. It was finally downloading transactions and holdings in accounts with stocks and mutual funds but not the two accounts I have with only corporate and muni bonds. Shows the correct cash balance but no holdings. I'm close to giving up using Quicken to track investments.
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