Has anyone else been having a download issue with Provident Funding

Up until yesterday my Provident Funding mortgage account was fine. I had refinanced a prior Provident loan, hid the prior loan and successfully set up the new loan about a month ago. The Quicken account successfully updated with the first loan payment on the new account in early December. Today the account opened fine but then automatically went to $0 with the loan details showing the loan to be paid. Provident online shows the correct balance for the existing loan and the Quicken account references the existing loan with the correct Provident account number. I tried taking yesterdays backup file and using the restore function. The account opened with the correct information and then Quicken automatically updated to set the account balance to $0 with the loan paid notation. I tried manually taking yesterdays backup file and renaming it the the active file name. Once again Quicken opened with the correct account balance and then immediately set the balance to $0. I tried deleting the account, which Quicken would not let me do until I fist hid the account and removed it form totals and reports. I then opened a new account. Quicken found the account at Provident, added it with the correct balance and then once again automatically set the account balance to $0. I am using the Quicken Windows subscription release R36.54. What do I try next or is there a bug in the latest update that needs to be fixed?


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    I don't know what the problem is, but ...

    Since you're attempting to set up a loan account, instead of connecting the loan to the bank, create a "manual" loan account that is not connected to the bank for downloading. When you start the Add Account process select the account type and on the next screen click the "manual loan account" text link at the bottom of the screen. Perform the loan setup as of the next payment due and set up to use a Scheduled Reminder for the monthly payment from your Checking account. It will correctly transfer the amount of principal (and optional additional principal) from Checking to your loan account register in Quicken.

    Does the monthly payment include "Escrow Withholdings" (taxes, insurance withheld and paid for by the mortgage company)?
    If so, before you begin to set up the loan, set up an "Escrow" account (as Asset type account), so that the Scheduled Reminder can include the escrow amount as transfer to the Escrow account register.

    Now all you have to worry about is to make the monthly payment on time. I recommend authorizing the mortgage company to withdraw payment (plus escrow, if any) automatically from your checking account every month, on the Due Date.

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    Thank you for your interest and response. I normally do a one step update every morning to bring my accounts up to date. This morning I first noticed the $0 balance on my mortgage account and spent a frustrating several hours trying to fix/recover the missing information. I finally gave up and posted the message to which you responded. After doing some daily check writing/bill paying chores I did my daily one step update. To my surprise and chagrin this simple process overwrote the loan paid notice and restored all of the lost information. The account has been stable all day. Quicken also corrupted an auto asset account but I was able to restore it manually. I am uncomfortable with what Quicken has done and hope this is just a one-off occurrence. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

    BTW - I have no insurance or tax escrow and I use autopay for this and most of my other payable accounts along with an extensive use of the income and payment reminder
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