When printing report from Quicken the Page scaling is grayed out.

ccsjoe Member ✭✭
Is there a way to fix this now or can it be fixed in future release? I run reports and it print the second pages when all the data can fit on one page if I could scale or fit to page.


  • UKR
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    IIRC from reading similar discussions, the problem may be the printer driver not supporting page scaling. See if you have the most recent driver version installed directly from the printer manufacturer's website. What comes with your Windows installation may not be up to date.
    Also, as a test, try printing the same report to the Quicken PDF Printer or any other PDF file creation tool you might have and see if that supports scaling.
    Alternatively, reduce some column widths or remove unused columns from the report (e.g., Tags, if you never use tags), to make it fit on one page.
    In one instance for one of my investment transaction reports I select Printer Properties and set the page size to Legal (8.5*14") and print on legal size paper.
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