BMO User ID / User Name ?

Recently purchased another Canadian subscription to Quicken Starter (Version R33.7 Build but to date have been unable to successfully login to BMO online banking. The last time I did this it was a matter of entering the 16 digit ATM banking card number and the password used for the bank. But for some reason this does not work. I can successfully login to my bank account using this combination but for some reason not through Quicken during account creation. If someone could point out what I am doing wrong it would be appreciated.


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    Your ATM # is not the user ID needed. I don't use BMO, but I would guess that your online access to BMO should allow for a user ID and password instead of your ATM #. If you cannot locate this info on their website, you might need to call them to help. You should mention you are trying to access through Quicken.
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