New Schwab Transaction Issues

I was able to update my Schwab transactions after the data change over in November. It had some issues with cash balances but seemed to be working. This week though I am not getting any errors when connecting with Quicken to Schwab, but it is not downloading any transactions. I should have a half dozen transactions that are not showing in Quicken. I'll reach out to Schwab first, but I suspect the recent version update is the culprit. This is year end and Quicken needs to get this data exchange corrected ASAP!


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    Check and see if this helps.
    Here is what I saw and did.

    New Distributions were downloaded for my Regular Investment account and IRA.
    First off when they downloaded the transactions were not Listed under the Downloaded Transaction field below the register.

    I then went to the Online Center to see if there were any downloaded transactions.
    Tools > Online Center > use the drop down to pick your Financial Institution. If you see your transactions there that means they were downloaded.

    Had to go to Preferences to enable "Auto add to Investment Transaction List" to get the transactions into the register. Once you enable this the transactions will populate the register(s). (Wait for Quicken to finish the process. The software may flicker a couple of times)

    Had to edit transactions that said "Bought" to "ReInvSh" and to "ReInvLg". Note: Had to print the transactions from Schwab site to make which were Sh, Lg or "ReinvDiv" transactions.

    I deleted those that said "Reinvint" because they are added to the Reports as Interest. If you left them the amounts for those transactions would be entered twice in the reports.

    A 3rd transaction was entered correctly.

    Those “Reinvint” extra entries were never posted when using Direct Connect.
    I also reported this problem by opening Quicken > Help > Report a Problem

    Hope this helps.

    Quicken Windows Business & Personal (Subscription) - Using the latest version -Windows 10 Pro

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