Schwab downloads now misclassified in quicken

Since the Schwab debacle, just encountered another problem. Long and short term capital gain distributions, previously classified as such in quicken after downloads, now are reflected in quicken as interest income. Not good.....


  • jvprice6
    jvprice6 Member ✭✭
    So Jack, what are your plans? I have backed up my file. But now I do know if we should proceed to correct(edit) the transactions, wait for Quicken to tell us what to do, or go back to some previous backup and re-download (after installing a new R37 update)?????
  • Jack Scripps
    Jack Scripps Member ✭✭
    I have no idea what my plans are. My Schwab accounts in Quicken all reflect the correct number of shares and cash reconciles OK (well, except for 1 account which still does not consider a holding account as cash), but the classifications now in Quicken are all messed up. I have the most current update of Quicken.
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