Ongoing Schwab issues

rolanddawson2500 Member ✭✭✭✭
As of 12/18/2021, Schwab Downloads are a) ~ 5% of stock quotes are wrong, b) 100% of fixed income (Muni bonds) are wrong, and c) it appears to be 100% correct on ETF's and Mutual Funds. It is not clear that the Quicken download is even looking at the bond prices, as they do not change from day to day on Quicken, but do on Schwab. I am very reluctant to down load interim patch, as when I did that in late November, it downloaded a patch for Home and Business while I have Premier, and I had to reinstall software. The differences between Quicken and Schwab are increasing, and Quicken is no longer accurately tracking accruals on sales. This is beyond frustrating.
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