Schwab download problems continue

Quicken for Windows still isn't tracking the correct categories for mutual fund distributions.
I just had a fund distribute long- and short-term capital gains as well as its regular dividend, posted variously as reinvested interest or return of capital--all had to be corrected manually. A different share class of the same fund in my IRA was screwed up, too, which took longer to fix because in that account the dividends are reinvested, not cash.
Finally, Quicken hasn't picked up a municipal bond call on 12/15--no record at all, even though the cash shows on the Schwab website.
Deactivating and adding back the Schwab account with the missing bond call didn't help.
C'mon Quicken people, this is beyond frustrating...


  • The Farm
    The Farm Member
    I am having similar problems with distributions from 12/7/2021 on. As of today still not correct.
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