Unexplained recurring account balance decrease

My main checking account opened up with a nearly $5,000 decrease that when I closed it the day prior. It turned many of my line-item entry balances (on the far right of the ledger detail) to red (negative). I searched the history and it persisted back into 2016! So, I restored my file from a backup file (my own backup file not the auto-quicken backup (because THAT didn't work). The restored file was correct (about $3,500 BLACK. I went ahead and updated all my accounts with the one-step download and reconciled my account, saved a back up and synced to the cloud as part of the closing of the file. Next day, I call up the file and it comes up correct then a few seconds later I see a little flicker on the screen like the program is doing something and BOOM, the dreaded $4,957.47 reduction in my account balance returns. It keeps happening to me. I can't find any $4,957.47 entry and the red balances show up in multiple balance cells into the history as if a bunch of negative entries were inserted over the last few years. I'm guessing this new sync feature is corrupting the data in my one file. BYW, I have about 20 accounts on my Quicken and it is only screwing up my main checking account. HELP!!!


  • Just got off a call with Quicken support. Those guys are great! Apparently my file sync with the mobile APP was causing issues most likely because I rarely use the APP. I probably have not used it for a year or so but I used to use it quite a bit. They said that if you do not use the APP regularly then syncing issues on big files like mine (18,000 entries) are more likely to occur so he suggested I turn off the Mobile sync in my desktop (Edit/ Preferences/ mobile on/off toggle). He said just keep it off unless or until you are knowingly going to use it regularly ( like an extended vacation). If you decide to use it regularly just go in and turn on the mobile sync function, use it regularly, then turn it off if you don't intend to use it thereafter. He deleted all the existing files, restored the good file from the back up and recreated the mobile file so he said it should be good to go when i'm ready to use the mobile APP regularly again. Hopefully I'm back on track now.
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    Hello, @Highlander Ron

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your update! We're sorry for the headache this issue has been causing you.

    I am very glad to hear you were able to come to a solution with one of our Support Representatives on the phone. If you have any questions or require further support, please reach back out so that we may assist you further, Thank you! 

    -Quicken September 
  • Correction: Access to Mobile & Web on off toggle is as follows: Edit screen/ Preferences screen/ Mobile & Web screen/ See mobile APP Sync ON / OFF toggle on the right pane.
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