Home menu - Overview page: Can I exclude Taxes on the pie chart and the bar graph?

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I'm using Quicken Deluxe 6.4.5 on macOS. On the Home page, I see a pie chart under the heading "Spending By Category," which includes Tax. Is there a way to exclude Tax from this? Similarly, Spending Over Time chart also includes Tax category. Is it possible to exclude Tax? Thanks.


  • garysmith87
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    Both of those are "legacy" graphs and charts from the original Quicken Mac 2015.  Unfortunately, they cannot be customized...nor can the pie charts for the individual accounts, account groups or account subgroups.

    These are all items that MUST be addressed in a future update...and not soon enough.  It's annoying looking at non-customizable pie charts.

    As to the Spending Over Time, I suggest you use one of the New Report types that you can customize according to accounts, category, tags and include or exclude transfers.  
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