Schwab CC-501 Updating Accounts (Brokerage/Investment, 2, OSU).

Andy Jaeggi
Andy Jaeggi Member ✭✭
After the first CC-501error scare about a week ago I followed the Quicken instructions and the updates 'seem' to have worked again.
But today, roughly 2 hours ago the same problem started again. It only affects the 2 Schwab brokerage accounts. I live overseas, Switzerland, so phone calls to Quicken without a 800 # could really run into some money. Do I just have to wait another 24 hrs and go through the whole 'correction' procedures as per Quicken again?
Thanks for some enlightening comments.


  • SandC
    SandC Member ✭✭✭
    Having similar issues. The Schwab bank account seems to be a squirrelly actor.
  • Andy Jaeggi
    Andy Jaeggi Member ✭✭
    Well -------- fine, good to know that I'm not alone. But ----- what is the solution/answer?
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