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I've been a Quicken user for 20+ years and December is an important tax planning time for me. I rely on the customized reports to look at dividends, short and long term capital gains to plan necessary trades. I use Quicken daily to download across three banks and several Schwab accounts. I went through several struggles to get the Schwab Express Web Connect+ to work properly. I resolved 521 transactions at one time and deleted several duplicates that appeared in my register. For over a month, I restored my QDF file several times only to realize another Quicken release or a documented solution failed to resolve the Schwab download problems. I finally got the interface to work for some accounts. A few Schwab accounts go into the Authorization loop and displays the 'Oops, We're having a problem CC-501' message. The interfaces which were resolved are not downloading all transactions. Today the download runs for 15 minutes then quits. Nothing downloading. I saw the posted alert today about slow downloads.

I copied the Quicken QDF file and lost all the download setup information for every account for banks and brokerage regardless if they were Schwab. Wow!

The CEO needs to step up and apologize for a serious failure in this Schwab transition from Direct Connect to Express Connect.

Looks like it's time to go back to spreadsheets.

Someone from Quicken support needs to reach out to me. The only reason I use Quicken is to download Schwab transactions.

Windows 10 Pro
Quicken Deluxe
Version R36.56


  • esheldonh
    I have the same problem. I can't get Schwab transaction down loads. I had no problems for 20 years. yet for the past two months nothing works. Quicken says it's Schwab. Schwab says it's Quicken. This is very frustrating and I don't see Quicken doing enough to solve the problem. I'm on the latest Q version and on a 3 years old Dell that works fine with every application except Quicken.
  • texag
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    Same here. Been on hours of chat and help calls but I still cannot download anything from Schwab. I'm about to try one more time. I have 25 years of data and rely on Quicken for budgeting, investment tracking, year-end planning, etc. and most of my accounts are Schwab so this is not good at all.....
  • Don St Peter
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    Just adding my frustrations. I am running R36.56 Build, The latest and greatest as of 12/21/21 according to Quicken. I am still experiencing the very same issues with my Schwab accounts since early December that is...... not updating PLUS I get kicked totally out when I attempt an update. So what are We to do about this mess?
  • bobbakerarizona
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    I'm still having problems too.
    Every other day I have to 'deactivate' and then reactivate the Schwab accounts to get them to update.

    I've been having to do this for 4 weeks in a row.

    Running R36.56. The latest. It isn't any better.
  • Patrick
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    edited December 2021
    I got lucky and was able to 'Reauthorize' some of my Schwab accounts. The transactions started to download but then stopped a few days ago. Today, after they resolved the server issues, the transactions started to download again. However, some had a duplicate transactions with an Action of 'Bought' and 'ReinvDiv'. I can no longer distinguish between reinvested long and short term capital gains anymore. They just download as 'Bought' with nothing in the Memo field. I just spent the last few hours deleting the duplicates and I reconciled the shares. Thanks Quicken for only going back three months, otherwise I'd be at this task for much longer. I download transactions for eleven Schwab accounts. It appears the tax reports that I've produced for years are worthless now. I can export the data from Schwab History and produce a spreadsheet with the data I need for taxes.

    I feel like I need to create a backup every step forward. My subscription renewal is due in January and I turned off the automatic renewal.
  • OleBill
    OleBill Member
    Same problem here. I have 6 Schwab accounts in 1 QDF file and 2 (brokerage and associated cash acct) in another QDF. I must reauthorize (usually the cash accounts, I think) and sometimes all 6 in the big QDF. Sometimes the smaller QDF file will download transactions; the other QDF file never does. This has got to get fixed!
  • JerryU
    JerryU Member
    Same situation (have used for decades, only significant issues historically were around file size). Not sure the issue is with Direct Connect vs Express Web Connect because other accounts I have with Express (e.g. Venmo, certain credit cards) work fine. Continuing to get "Oops C-501" error after following all the hidden account deactivate and add new account tips. Also running latest release version (build
    Maybe the legacy application team has been moved over to the Cloud version team where ultimately they want us to be.
  • hmday
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    With all these Schwab threads I am not sure where to post what.... but I rebuilt all my Schwab accounts several weeks ago. This involved about 600 transactions. Just today I OSU the account. I now have redownloads with duplicate matches near misses and some new transactions. What is going on? I don't want to sort through all these transactions again to see which are legit and which are duplicates. At this point is  Schwab really fixed?
  • Eastcoast
    Eastcoast Member
    I'll add my two cents. I manage 16 Schwab brokerage accounts and two Schwab checking accounts in Quicken. I did manage to get both checking accounts and brokerage accounts migrated to Express connect but. The checking accounts seem to be working ok however the brokerage accounts are not downloading properly. The downloads are miss categorized and or missing all together. Sometimes I need to download more than once also to get every transaction. In some cases stock purchases are not downloading at all. If I try to manually enter them my cash balance is incorrect. It's quite a mess. End of year issues like this are unacceptable so hopefully Quicken can get this resolved ASAP. A very frustrated user.
  • ysg26
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    FWIW I did a Schwab download today and it correctly categorized ReinvDiv and Div transactions from 12/30 and 12/31 without messing up previous transactions.
  • WhidbeyKen
    After upgrading first of the year, schwab money market account totals no longer shown in account totals... Painful (reconnecting several Schwab accounts) conversion. Im not happy at all!
  • hugh_mul
    hugh_mul Member ✭✭✭
    When will Schwab brokerage account balances return?
  • Johnski2124
    Same issue here. All my accounts download except for the Money Market. Come on Quicken- fix it ...
  • snearman_22
    snearman_22 Member ✭✭
    Same continuing problem here...after deactivating/activating several times in the month+++, only SOME of our Schab account investment transactions will download.
  • Jeff Kantner
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    what snearman_22 said ... and as of today, the infection appears to have spread. Now affecting Fidelity accounts. Today, both Fid accts "errored" (OL-362A). They reset successfully (?). Subsequent download reported 28 new transactions downloaded - unfortunately, none appeared in the registers. Also now affecting TIAA accounts (same deal: 20 transactions "downloaded", none to be found). Also, a new cosmetic quirk: after account reset, subsequent "Update transactions" pops a dialog saying user will to enter password for the account ... with no actionable dialog component except an OK button. After clicking OK, download "proceeds" (with above shortcomings). As of today, I'm on build
  • Gaston
    Gaston Member, Windows Beta Beta
    I called in to Quicken today and they told me there's nothing they can do to fix my history. They suggested I delete everything and start again. I can't afford to lose 25+ years of Schwab data. We should have a way to upload a CSV of transaction history then so that we can restore to where it went wrong
  • Gaston
    Gaston Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Can Quicken take an exported Schwab history of transactions in CSV form and import those into Quicken?
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