Day Gain/Loss in portfolio view is wrong.

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The Day gain/loss column  in portfolio view is being calculated as the change in price from the previous day times the number of shares held on the current day, instead of by comparing the two market values directly.

This results in showing a huge erroneous loss when a fund pays out a dividend (lowering the price) and the shares held then increase due to dividend reinvestment.  

Maybe someone else can confirm this is a known issue as it can needlessly lead to folks jumping out of windows!  :)

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  • bmciance
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    That has been like that for many years. Same issue for stocks but most or not as noticeable as funds which pay out larger amounts. 
  • Bob_L
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    Thanks as I thought had remembered something but wasn't sure.  Definitely got my attention the other day when there was a large market drop along with huge dividends in a few Vanguard funds that I own.  For example, Portfolio view showed a day loss in one fund that was 7 times what it actually was!

    Quicken Premier Subscription, Windows 11 Home
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