Is accessing the Quicken Cloud a means to see an earlier backup?

TruckerKeith Member
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I accidently did an override of my account and now it is not up to date in my register. I have lost everything for this year's transactions. Can I access the one that I did the overwrite on and reinstate it?


  • Quicken Jade
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    Hi @TruckerKeith, I truly do apologize for this issue and I understand how concerning it is to not have access to your data. Unfortunately, our Quicken Cloud is just a means of syncing your data to the mobile app and Quicken on the web, there isn't a way to view previous backups after it's been overwritten. I would recommend checking to see if you have any backups stored on your computer, they may be in your documents folder. If you are unable to find a prior backup, importing transactions from your bank's website via a web connect file may help you get your register up to date. Please let me know if you need assistance with that. Thank you!
    - Quicken Jade
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