why does quicken insist that a transaction is a split

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WHY does quicken continue to insist and auto fill everytime i go to the grocery store that it is a split transaction, just because once every 30-40 trips i use split. I have deleted the memorized transaction, i have asked it not to fill for the store, yet everytime it jams the split and i need to delete it. You would think it would figure out that 39 of the last 40 transactions were not a split so this probably isnt one either, but no they are probably to busy trying to figure how much to raise the price this year!


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    In Tools / Memorized Payee List edit the memorized transaction (or create a new one without the split). When done filling out the form also mark the box at "Lock and leave this payee unchanged ...". When locked, the MPL entry is considered a Model entry which does not change when you record a new transaction.
    It might also be a good idea to create a model for the split event, e.g., Groceries and Pharmacy, using a slightly different Payee Name, e.g., "Safeway" vs. "Safeway + Pharmacy"
  • Great thank you I will try this
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